Meet the air lite


Combined with our specialized allergy-prevention filter, the aair lite is perfect for anyone suffering from allergies. Whether it’s dust, pollen, pet dander, or any other allergen, we’ve got you covered.

Aside from protecting you from allergies, the aair lite also handles all other aspects of air quality. This ensures excellent air quality for your entire room. Its powerful stream system allows it to cycle air faster, cleaning your room at double the speed of other air purifiers.

What people are saying


My children and I were suffering from dust allergies for years. And ever since we moved to a new apartment, our symptoms got even worse.

My doctor recommended I buy an air purifier, so I ended up getting an aar lite. It was the perfect for the size of my childrens’ room and it was supposed to be great for dust.

We immediately noticed a change. Finally we stopped sneezing and snifflling all the time. I would recommend an aair lite to anyone suffering from allergies!

Eliminates All Airborne Allergens





处于夜间模式时,aair lite空气净化器的运行噪声为35分贝,几乎是静音。 因此能让你整夜拥有深度舒适睡眠。

For rooms 350 ft² and beyond

The aair lite is made for bedrooms, standard living rooms, and studios. So almost all home spaces are covered by this small but powerful device.

While the device works best at 350 ft², it can handle even larger spaces if necessary.


Despite aair lite’s small size, its technology allows the device to achieve optimal airflow while consuming less than 50W of energy at top speed (about as much as a standard fan).

Not just removed: eliminated

The aair lite is built with a patented Swiss anti-microbial coating that allows our air purifiers to eliminate airborne pathogens without the use of harmful UV rays. 该涂层能破坏微生物的细胞膜,让其彻底丧失再生能力。 效果:aair lite空气净化器能在净化空气污染的同时,消灭空气中的病原体。




内置于每款艾瑞斯设备中的本公司专有软件 ,能让用户无论身处世界任何地方,都能全方位了解和控制室内空气品质。 先进的功能甚至能让aair lite空气净化器适应用户行为,自动调整设置。


需要为更大面积的房间配置空气净化器吗? 了解aair空气净化器。

If you are looking for something to tackle allergies and beyond in a larger room, our aair 3-in-1 Pro is made just for you. 快来了解有关详情。